Georgette Jones Lennon

Georgette Jones is the only child of Country Music Hall of Famers and music icons, George Jones and Tammy Wynette. She's been singing with one or both parents since the age of three. She recorded her first single with her Dad, "Daddy Come Home" when she was ten years old and performed it on her Dad's HBO special. Georgette also worked as a backup singer vocalist for her mother, Tammy Wynette. She's recorded a duet with Mark McGuinn that was included on his "One Man's Crazy" CD and has appeared on national television , including "Crook and Chase" and RFD TV. Georgette is a songwriter and member of SESAC. Music has been a life-long passion for Georgette and she achieved a special personal goal in 2010 when she recorded a duet with her Dad titled, "You and Me and Time," which Georgette co-wrote for her Dad and was released as the first single from "Burn Your Playhouse Down". Georgette has filmed a TV series entitled "Sordid Lives" starring along side Emmy award winner Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace) and many other big stars such as, Olivia Newton-John, Bonnie Bedelia (Die Hard), Margaret Cho and others. Georgette re-recorded three of her Mom's songs included with five songs from Olivia Newton-John in the soundtrack. Georgette is also an author. She released her book titled “The Three of Us” co-written by Patsi Bale-Cox in 2010. Currently, she has signed a deal with ViacomCBS to have her parent's story turned into a streaming, limited 8-10 episode TV series starring Jessica Chastain as her mother to be released in late 2021. She is co-owner of the soon to be distributed Apple Sin Whiskey with Spencer Balentine out of Kentucky.  


Raelyn Nelson

As an emerging female country artist in Nashville, history suggests that the quickest path to success is somehow aligning oneself with one of the major publishers, producers, songwriters, labels, or managers that are the heart of Music Row. So what do you do if you are an emerging female country artist in Nashville, and also happen to be the granddaughter of musical icon, Willie Nelson? You hook up with an independent producer and veteran of the rock/punk scene, write some songs that are part Loretta Lynn, part Cheap Trick, and form the Raelyn Nelson Band. Raelyn Nelson has been singing since she can remember. Having been raised on a steady diet of traditional country and gospel music, a gift from her grandpa in the form of a guitar during her teenage years was the inspiration she needed to begin writing her own country and folk songs. Looking for a place to record these songs, a mutual friend suggested JB (Jonathan Bright), a veteran of the underground rock scene and independent producer. After recording some of these early songs, they decided to try to write some things together and see what happened. The result? A completely fresh and original sound, a true hybrid referred to by some critics as "Country/Garage Rock."

When they aren't recording their songs or making music videos, they are on the road taking their high energy live show to the people. Having shared the stage with such diverse musical acts as country superstar Tim McGraw, indie rock icons Drivin' n Cryin', jam band supergroup Hard Working Americans, and legendary punk band Decendents, the RNB is proving that you don't have to fit neatly into any particular "genre" to find success. 

 "I don't really have any desire to be a  'solo-artist'. Everyone in my family who plays music has always placed a lot of importance on band chemistry, on stage, off stage and in the studio. Our band can almost read each other's minds. Why would I mess with that? We try to keep it simple: Write songs we like, record them, make a video, then go out and play them for people."- Raelyn Nelson